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2017 IEEE MDM Poster, Phd forum

게시자: Youngseok Lee, 2017. 6. 16. 오후 10:23
2017 IEEE MDM 학술대회에 아래과 같이 포스터 3편과 1개의 Phd Forum 발표가 있었습니다.
[1] Hyunsik Yoo and Youngseok Lee, "An Automatic Mobile App Testing Method with User Event Scenario"
[2] Hyunho Lee and Youngseok Lee, "A Look at Wearable Abandonment"
[3] Hyunkyu Nam and Youngseok Lee, "User Behavior of Mobile Video Streaming Service"

Phd Forum
[1] Hyunsu Mun and Youngseok Lee, "An Integrated Video Watching History Logging System"